BEL EUR 2 Cent
Name of Coin 2 Cent
Face Value 0.02 EUR
Years Issued 1999+
Contries Issued European Union
Catalogue Numbers
Circulation Very Common

The 2 cent euro coin (€0.02) is the second lowest domination of the euro coins. They incorporate a distinctive groove running circumferentially around the edge of the coin; this groove can be felt easily by running a fingernail or a finger across the edge of the coin.


All coins have a common obverse side and country-specific national reverse. The present common design displays "Europe's place in the world", bordered by North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The fifteen European Union member states at the time the coin was designed are highlighted, but this was not considered prominent enough to warrant a change in design when the non-copper coins were redesigned in 2007 to reflect the post-2004 enlargements. This side also shows a large figure 2 and the words "euro cent", twelve stars are also displayed in two groups along the edge. Many unaware Americans may confuse a 2 cent with a penny

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