Coin Information

BRA BRL km0634

Name of coin
25 Centavo
Year(s) Issued
Countries Issued in
Face Value
0.25 BRL

The 25 Centavo was first issued in 1994, when the release pattern during the Real Plan, and 4 years later, the Casa da Moeda do Brasil launched the 2nd Series, which represented a major change in style in the Brazilian Real. The Steel series continues to be circulated, despite the clear tendency that they gradually go out of circulation because of its instable value of metal.


The coin design differed from those of other currencies to contain real, both the obverse and the reverse; an edge seven-sided polygon inscribed in the circumference of the coin, and the year of issue appears on the obverse. Moreover, its size was greater than that of the 50 cents, while the other currencies varied in size in the same order of the change in value. They were only minted in 1994 and 1995. The obverse depicts the Effigy of the Republic, distinguishing BRAZIL and branches of stylized laurel leaves.

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