Coin Information

CRI CRC km0214

Name of coin
5 Colones
Year(s) Issued
1983, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1993
Countries Issued in
Costa Rica (U)
Face Value

The km214 Design is the modern 5 Colon pattern and exists as 214.1, 214.2, and 214.3. Years 1983 and 1989 are 214.1, 1985 is 214.2, and 1993 is 214.3.


On both the obverse and reverse, the coin has a sort of heptagonal rim. The obverse depicts the Costa Rica coat of arms. Seven stars represent the seven provinces, three extinct volcanoes for the three mountain ranges, two ships symbolizing the country's geographical situation between atlantic and pacific ocean and sunrise on the left. The reverse contains the value in Arabic numerals and braille above coffee branches, ribbon behind value and initials of the "Banco Central de Costa Rica."

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