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Welcome to Coin Collecting Wiki

Coin Collecting Wiki has reached 1,000 articles! The site will commemorate with a new Wiki logo!

Coin Collecting is a fascinating hobby that can lead into interests in many other subjects such as; history, geography, metallurgy, engraving and design, heraldry, etc

If you are not yet a collector hopefully the articles here will whet your appetite and encourage you to get started in this fascinating hobby.

If you are already a collector it is hoped that you will find articles here to enrich your hobby. It is also hoped that you will take the time to contibute to the wiki.

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Mints of the World
Links to Mints around the world. Please add your favourite mint to the list.

What's new on Coin Collecting Wiki

11 December 2009 - Navigation
Coin Collecting Wiki is now organized! Although new coin pages are quickly migrating, templates are being made. If you have any coins you would like to add, you may do so, and it will be adjusted to the templates momentarily.
The navigation map has been resized to see the locations much easier, forgetting the use of the "Scandinavian Coins" page. However, it may take more time than thought, due to the number of currencies. If anyoyone would like to take their time to position the currencies on the map, we're open.
26 March, 2010 - Commemorating the Commemoratives
Coin Collecting Wiki is in need of help with commemorative coins! Coins such as the US State Quarters/Presedential Dollars, Mexican 5 Pesos, or any other commemorations will be appraised.
30 March, 2010 - Design Names
There has been a discussion of the change of names of the Main Design to a more complex KM#/Y# (catalogue number). This will change the page title to:
ISO 4217 Code|KM#___
This will (hopefully) make navigation easier, but you have the right to object to this descision.

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1882 S Rev 2

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