The CFP Franc is a currency used overseas for the French islandic area. Instead of the French Polynesian Franc, New Caledonian Franc and New Hebrides Franc, a currency is shared within them. The designs originated from French Polynesia, but are now circulated with the three. The Institut d'émission d'Outre-Mer, or IEOM mintmark can be seen on the CFP only.


The designs are similar to the Euro Dollar because they have a similar obverse, but diverse reverse. The Polynesian has a islandic look, while the Caledonian and Wallis have more of an African look with birds and headgear. Both portray La Semeuse, the godess of France and empire.

Please visit Category:Colonies Françaises Pacifique Franc for a list of coins of the CFP and others.

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