Coin Information

GBP 1 Penny Decimal

Name of coin
One Penny
Year(s) Issued
Countries Issued in
United Kingdom
Face Value
0.0021 GBP

Not to be confused with the newer GBP 1 Penny.

The Penny is worth one twelfth of a shilling. They were used in the beginning of the British empire and were very large. They have not changed over the years, except that the date was changed to the reverse instead of obverse.


The design, which was used with all other small denominations, had Britannia staring at her left. A squared shield sat beside her, and a lighthouse was at her left. However, before George VI, there was no lighthouse and the shield was circular. She holds a harpoon and wears a Roman soldier hat. One Penny is inscribed above her head on the left and right. These were considered one of the most detailed coins in the world, condidering the weaves in Britannia's robes.

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