Coin Information


Name of coin
One Pound
Year(s) Issued
Ian Rank-Broadley
Countries Issued in
United Kingdom
Face Value
Copper, Zinc, Nickel

The One Pound is a coin circulating in the GBP to replace the 1 Pound banknote.


The design depicts many different designs. The designs represent the emblems of England, UK, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. Pounds in the 21st century have landmarks in the UK, all which are arches.

A newer design exists with the full parts of the Royal Shield of the UK.


The 1 Pound is one of the few counterfeited coins, but 1.7% circulated, according to the Royal Mint, are counterfeited. Most are usually filled with a first layer of Lead, a heavy metal that matches the weight of the coin, and are coated with brass. However, the milled sides and inscriptions (which are written instead of stamped) are in poor quality. If the coin is turned, which is another less observed identification, the patterns shouldn't match up if the coin is counterfeited.

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