Coin Information

GBP 2 Penny

Name of coin
Two Pence
Year(s) Issued
Christopher Ironside
Countries Issued in
United Kingdom
Face Value
0.02 GBP
Bronze, Steel

The British decimal two pence (2p) coin – often pronounced "two pee" – was issued by the Royal Mint on 15 February 1971, the day the British currency was decimalised. In practice it had been available from banks in bags of £1 for some weeks previously. As of December 2005 there were an estimated 6,421 million 2p coins in circulation.


The design depicts the Badge of the Prince of Wales with a plume of ostrich feathers. Because of the end of pre-decimalization, in 1971-1981 an inscription curving over the crown reads New Penny, though this was changed to One Penny after the 10 years.

A newer design exists with the left portion of the Royal Shield of the UK.

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