Coin Information

HKD 10 Cent

Name of coin
Ten Cent Coin
Year(s) Issued
Joseph Yam
Countries Issued in
Hong Kong, China
Face Value
0.1 HKD
Nickel, Brass

The ten cent coin is the oldest coin denomination to still be in circulation in Hong Kong. Since being issued in 1863 there has only been one period of 1942-1947 where the coin was not minted.

Before the Second World War the coin was first made of 80% silver. The 1935-36 was the same weight and mass but made of nickel.

In 1937, the ten cent was made of copper-nickel.

In 1948 a new coin was issued for this denomination: a nickel-brass coin. The last minting was done in 1980.

The Ten Cent is not to be confused with the 50 cent coin. The old design was moved to the Bauhinia.

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