The Japan Mint is an Incorporated Administrative Agency of the Japanese government. This agency has its Head office in Osaka with branches in Tokyo and Hiroshima.


Amongst the first acts of the Meiji government was the establishment of a Japan Mint as a constructive step towards modernizing Japan's circulating currency. A two-story Western red brick building was completed in October 1876 for domestic production.

Over the course of decades, Mint activities have expanded to include the production of orders (decorations), medals of honor and metallic art objects, the analysis and testing of metal ores and minerals, and the fineness certification of precious metal wares (hallmarking).

Coins can be sold internationally on the website. Coins are sold with an extra commemorative coin; if not, they are sold with a brass/bronze square medallion. Cases are sold air-tight in an uncirculated quality and have Mint Bureau of Japan imprinted on the case.

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