MXP 1968 25 Peso
MXN 1968 25 Peso
Name 25 Pesos
Country Mexico
Date 1968
Main Design MXP km479
Mint Casa de Moneda de México
# Issued 27,182,000

The front should have an eagle fighting a snake, which has ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS on the top; also 25 PESOS at the left with LEY 0.720, indicating the amount of silver, and OM. On the rear, there should be inscription JUEGOS DE LA XIX OLYMPIADA MEXICO 1968, or Games of the XIX Olymics Mexico 1968. An Aztecian jumps in the air and the Olympics are below his feet. The rims have inscription Independencia y Libertad, or Independence and Liberty. These value £10-20.

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