As early as 1318, 1353, 1367 and 1370 is mentioned in various deeds and documents from smelters. Benefiting from its location at the trough, which was floated on the firewood needed for smelting approach, developed the so-called Upper Muldener hut or cottage and the Lower Crooked Muldener hut, or even New Stückofenhütte mentioned. These huts were the entire silver mining of the Wettin dynasty of Saxony state. At first it melted entirely of silver ore from the Freiberg district located in the immediate vicinity. In this analysis, copper and nickel has been occurring for further processing. Since 1847 was privately produced in Muldenhütten arsenic. 1857, a zinc smelting plant started its operations. In 1878, the first exhibited in factories manufactured sulfuric acid. In 1862, Muldenhütten was connected to the railway to Freiberg and Dresden. Muldenhütten became one of the lead smelters (1980) since 1863 has been delivered to the Dresden coin silver. From 1887 to 1953, the Saxon State Mint (mint mark D) was established in Muldenhütten.

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