Coin Information

NZD 10 Cent Shilling

Name of coin
Year(s) Issued
Francis Shurrock
Countries Issued in
New Zealand
Face Value
0.1 NZD
Copper Plated Steel

Not to be confused with the NZD 10 Cent Tuatara

The New Zealand ten cent coin was first introduced in in 1967, and made of Cupro-nickel. The first three years they were minted, they also included the words "One Shilling" below the carved Maori mask, to get people used to the change to decimal currency. They were withdrawn in 2006 as part of the currency upgrade. The new ten cent coins were much smaller, and copper colored.

Trivia/Variety's Edit

  • In 2007 15,000 Tuatara Commemorative's were struck. These were minted on the modern 10 cent blank, and featured a design similar to that of the withdrawn five cent coin. These were not issued for circulation, and are not legal tender.

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