Coin Information

NZD 1 Dollar

Name of coin
Kiwi Dollar
Year(s) Issued
Robert Maurice
Countries Issued in
New Zealand
Face Value
Aluminum Bronze Alloy
Reserve Bank

Pleaze see the New Zealand Coins category for the commemorative silvers.

The Kiwi Dollar, also known as the New Zealand dollar is a small gold colored coin. It is worth 100 cents, and hasn't changed since its introduction in 1990.


The image is a Kiwi surrounded by silver fern fronds. It is standing to its right, pointing downward. The NZD 1 Dollar NZ Day shows the Kiwi flying instead.

Trivia/Variety's Edit

  • A set minted in 1990 contained a Kiwi Dollar made of Sterling Silver. 10,00 of these were minted and only available as part of the set. They were not legal tender.

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