Coin Information

NZD 50 Cent

Name of coin
Year(s) Issued
James Berry
Countries Issued in
New Zealand
Face Value
0.5 NZD
Plated Steel Alloy

The New Zealand fifty cent coin was fist issued in 1967 when decimal currency was first introduced. They were made of Cupro-Nickel and had a image of captain Cook's ship the Endevour on the reverse. In 1967 to celebrate the Bi-Centenary of captain James Cook, the fifty cent coin had an inscribed rim. Twenty five years later in 1994 a special Bi-Metal fifty cent coin was issued as a collectors item.

In 2006 the fifty cent piece was replaced with a much smaller version, as the old fifty cent coin was one of the biggest and heaviest in the world. The new fifty cent piece is plated steel, with a magnetic signature. The infobox on the left is that of the new fifty cent coin.

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