Coin Information

NZD 5 Cent

Name of coin
Year(s) Issued
James Berry
Countries Issued in
New Zealand
Face Value
0.05 NZD

The New Zealand five cent coins was used as small change from 1967-2006. They were withdrawn from circulation in the currency upgrade. The five cent coin was considered "small and useless " and most people lost them easily due to their small size. With such a low value, millions of these coins have been struck.


These coins feature a Ancient reptilian Tuatara sitting on a rock with seagulls in the background. They were once spotted on a NZD 10 Cent Tuatara in 2006 to commemorate the Tuatara.


  • Whilst 15,000,000 five cent coins were struck in 2004, on 40,000 were actually released into circulation. After the five cent coin was withdrawn from circulation, hundreds of the coins appeared for sale on website such as "Trademe" and "eBay" reaching prices of up to several hundred dollar initially. The value now established is $40.00.
  • Some five cent coins struck in 1999 had a error; the Queen had a "wart" on her nose. Numbers of these are unconfirmed.

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