The State Mint Berlin (SMB) is a mint in the Federal Republic of Germany, which is responsible for the minting of the euro by the Federal Ministry of Finance. The SMB results since 1750, the mintmark "A". The SMB is a national budget by 26 (LHO) profit-led part of the Berlin headquarters. It is a subordinate institution of the Senate Department of Finance, who is also responsible for technical supervision. Among the statutory duties of the SMB includes the minting of special coins in circulation and in the Federal Republic of Germany. In the commercial division medals and tokens are marked.


From 4th of April 1280, the oldest written reference was issued to the coin Berlin. Coins were minted at this time with handheld manual milling. Elector Friedrich III of Brandenburg in 1701 was crowned as King Frederick I of Prussia and commissioned a new building of the Royal Mint. Under King Frederick II of Prussia, in 1750 Frederick reorganized the coinage and the Berlin Mint was awarded with the letter "A" mintmark, which is found on Uncirculated and Circulated coins. It is one of the oldest trademarks in general.

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