The country's name is on all the coins as "Confoederatio Helvetica", the Latin name of the Swiss Confederation, or "Helvetia" specified. The oldest coins are still valid today; the 10-centime coins dating back to 1879. They are therefore among the oldest still valid coins worldwide. To date, they have the same motive and the same alloy (copper, nickel). The 2-franc coins, characterized as the oldest since 1874 until today, are in the same motif. The expenditure up to 1967 were, however, due to their silver alloy (now known as copper-nickel) withdrawn because the silver alloy exceeded the face value. The same occurance happened at the same time with all denominations of 50 francs and upwards (except in 1969 there were 5-franc coins of silver).


Since 2004, moreover, the existing pure nickel 20-centime coins of the years 1881-1938 have been withdrawn from circulation because machines can not detect them. Today, all the coins except the 5-centime coin (aluminum bronze) are in copper nickel alloy.

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