I feel it's best to only have links to existing articles on the Main Page. This gives a much better impression to new users and allows them to access information quickly.

Netrhino 08:22, 26 April 2009 (UTC)

Separate Section Edit

Should a separate country Euro be filled out? I find it space taking, but then again... SmartOne 15:36 30 April, 2009


Should we change the logo of the whole wiki? Roman, or whatever that is, isn't common. Maybe there should be a bunch of coins and it saying "Coin Collecting Wiki." If no response, I'll take action. One edition of a coin will be put on a scanner and that's how it'll be done.

I would be quite happy to see a better logo. Why not change it so users can see what you have in mind. It can always be changed again at any time so you can't break anything. 04:03, 2 June 2009 (UTC)

Expanse! Edit

Should we make a page for every coin made (mints and dates). I could mention the features that are unique to the coin and also specific information. No pages will be deleted in the progress. They will be named by Date, Currency, Denomuation, Type, and (if any) Mintmark. If no comment is made in 2 days, this will go in effect.

Purpose: Expand wiki and specify details and important features in every coin minted.

Now! Edit

2 days have passed. I will now start the new pages. The titles I proposed will be changed, however. It will be:

Currency|Date|Value|Type|Mint (if possible)

Please note that Value is face value, not Seller's Market. All new pages is, not surprisingly, my coins, and I will find anything I can about them. My oldest is 1865, so we'll see how things go.

Most pictures will be my coin scannings (from actual scanner). Do not interfere with them, please.

And where is the admin of this place, anyway? User:SmartOneKg

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